Fix Concrete Slabs Easily

Fix Concrete Slabs Easily

Get slab jacking services in Lancaster, PA

Cracked or uneven concrete slabs are a safety hazard, but replacing or repairing them can often be challenging. That's why FSMonte Construction LLC offers slab jacking services for clients in Lancaster, PA. We'll lift your concrete slab incrementally in order to bring back the concrete to its original height without furthering the damage.

We also offer mud jacking and poly jacking services. Call us now to make an appointment with our local concrete contractor.

Discover the benefits of slab jacking services

If your concrete has sunken into the ground, get slab jacking services from FSMonte Construction LLC in Lancaster, PA. Here are some of the benefits of this convenient service:

  • It's noninvasive, so it won't harm your landscape
  • It can be done in nearly any weather
  • It provides a strong base to the concrete slab
  • It's less expensive than replacing the concrete slab

When you need slab jacking, mud jacking or poly jacking services in Lancaster, PA, make us your first call. Contact us today to discuss your concrete issue with a contractor.